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A major retrospective of Sukita’s career, the master photographer of David Bowie’s Heroes, Jim Jarmusch’s film Mystery Train, and of iconic photos of Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan. Eternity looks at his full career, including early work, fashion, music, film and street and travel imagery.

"It's very hard for me to accept that Sukita-san has been snapping away at me since 1972, but that really is the case. I suspect that it's because whenever he's asked me to do a session, I conjure up in my mind's eye the sweet, creative and big-hearted man who has always made these potentially tedious affairs so relaxed and painless. May he click into eternity."

David Bowie

"Sukita is a master photographer. No one has been able to capture – posed or un-posed – his subjects the way he has. From studio to stage, street to set – his body of work is unmatched. No one broke the barriers as much as Sukita."

Terry O'Neill

Of all the photographers I have known, I trust Sukita the most.

Iggy Pop

“[Sukita] is a true master of portrait and rock photography.”

Jim Jarmusch

A limited edition range, with a total of 200, of 6 editions below. Each book individually numbered.

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